Tuesday, March 21, 2006

One bad dog shouldn't spoil the whole litter

As a Lifetime NRA member I have always advocated that it is not the gun that kills the innocent person, but the person who pulls the trigger. However reasonable people must agree that when someone is menaced or killed by a dog, the fault lies with the dog. That is why this story makes me so darn mad:

An Army dog handler convicted of using his snarling animal to torment Iraqi prisoners at Abu Ghraib told a military jury Tuesday that he wished he had gotten his instructions in writing.

Sgt. Michael Smith, 25, of Fort Lauderdale, Florida, took the stand late Tuesday at a hearing to determine his sentence.

Earlier Tuesday, a court-martial jury found Smith guilty of charges he used his military dog, Marco, to terrify prisoners -- allegedly for amusement and in competition with other soldiers.

Smith also was found guilty of allowing his dog to participate in videotaped lewd acts involving two other U.S. soldiers at the prison.

"It was foolish, stupid, and juvenile. There's nothing I can do to take it back. If I could, I would," Smith said about the sexual incident. He read from a prepared statement.

Now everyone knows that, no matter how well a dog is trained, as one of God's creatures, it retains free will. Just try and stop one from pissing on your prize jacarandas, let me tell you! That dog did not have to attack that IslamoJihadiist. It could have disobeyed its orders. But by attacking the prisoner, who no doubt had it coming (let's not forget that) it brought down its handler and brought shame upon the whole K-9 corps.

How will we ever get dogs to want to enter military service when curs like this make them all look like baby killers? Well, maybe not baby killers, but baby-chewers-on. I remember right after Viet Nam when dirty hippies would spit on specially trained tunnel dogs (used to root the gooks out of their underground networks) when they returned from their courageous overseas duty. Poor little spittle-flecked beasts. Their hearts were broken. And here is the commie MSM once again using one dog to paint the whole kennel as a bunch leg-humping mutts that ought to be put down.

I don't want to be a cut-n-runner, but the MSM is making it awful hard to let us finish the job now that they destroyed man's best friend.