Thursday, March 23, 2006

RE: You Can Run, But You Can't Hide

While I agree with OinCa there is a bigger fish to fry regarding young Master Domenech. As he admits on his blog, he received preferential treatment when being accepted into William & Mary because....he is part Puerto Rican (although he doesn't indicate what part).
While it isn't mentioned in this report, the problems of racial population at the undergraduate level at W&M are particularly bad. Note W&M's depressingly low admission figures for non-Whites. The total Latino population at W&M is 156 (out of 5,585 total undergrads). That means I've had at least three classes with more students in them then the entirety of the Latino population on campus.

I don't mind that being Puerto Rican probably helped me get in to this school. I had the grades, SAT scores, and (especially) extracurriculars to ensure that I was admitted Early Decision. But I was also designated a William & Mary Scholar. This scholarship isn't publicized by W&M -- I'd never heard about it during the admissions process, and you have to search all over W&M's website for any mention of the program.

Now that the smoke is starting to clear it is fairly obvious that the kid was and is a serial plagarist, and didn't have the "chops" to make it with the "real" students, and it only goes to show you that admitting kids to college based on their ethnicity* will only bring a bad element onto our campuses. Had a white kid received Ben's spot, this may very well never have happened. However the school administration admitted this little quarter-Rican and now look at the scandal he is bringing down around their ears.

*I do want to state that I have no problem with admitting ethnic students to a college as long as they bring skills that some of the other students don't have, such as the ability to rebound. It's not about skin is about ability.