Saturday, March 18, 2006

The sexiest woman alive!

Now this is what I'm looking for in a woman: tall, young, blonde, conservative, and willing to use her body in any way that she believes Jesus is leading her, no matter the personal cost -

I don't really like NY to be honest with you...It is just a little too busy here for me, but I just feel in my spirit that the Lord has some great things planned for me here, so to get these gifts, I have to be where He wants me to be

Yes! I have been saying this for years. The selfish desire for "gifts" is precisely what makes one so selfless! And the ultralib leftwingers wonder how Christianity and capitalism can work together...
By the time this trip is over, I believe that I will have the ending to my book, His promises to me in modeling fullfilled

Yes! Yes! That's exactly why Jesus allowed nails to be pounded through his body and hung on a wooden cross in horrific agony for days on end -- so he could make promises to young models, that if they just stand New York for a while, then they can have fame, money, and fun while describing how much they personally understand Jesus!

I cannot wait for her book!

Chapters are filled with the different modeling experienes that Jesus has allowed me to experience.

Wow, that's a lot of experience! It is so cooooool the way Jesus personally supervises the professional lives of print models from southern Ohio.

Now if I only I wasn't so ashamed of having such unclean thoughts about a heart so pure.