Sunday, March 12, 2006

Tally ho!

I'd like to thank you Yanks for the invitation to join in with your badly-needed efforts. My mates from the Coldstream Guards might give me a bit of aggro for working with you chaps -- some are still cheesed off about 1776 and all that. But I tell them: we've got bigger fish to fry with the fuzzy wuzzies in Arabia. If the colonials and us don't stick together, the nignogs will knock us all arse over tit.

So as my first sally, I request you take a squint at a quiz my nephew sent me from one of your socialist weeklies, The American Prospect:
Question: This world leader, overthrown by the CIA in 1953, supported agrarian reform to “put an end to the latifundios and the semi-feudal practices” of his nation.

Answer: Jacobo Arbenz
Now, this smelled a bit off to me from the word go. So I had a shufti and learned quite a bit about Mr Arbenz. I examined every day of the history of his sodding little country in 1953. January 1? Arbenz was president. December 31? Still Arbenz. And every blasted day in between.

You heard it: these gormless pillocks are on the fiddle. Not a bit of truth to it. Reminds me of the Paddys when I was stationed in Ulster. Don't keep your eye on them, they'll take you for your last farthing.

UPDATE: I've gotten a few missives about this post. Most important, every bleeding thing I wrote was right. Your CIA certainly did not overthrow Mr Arbenz in 1953.

But it seems Arbenz was overthrown quite proper by the CIA in 1954. Still, I think my larger point stands: these gits are right prats who all deserve a good skelping.