Friday, March 10, 2006

It Doesn't Get Any Clearer

This is how a White House official recently explained why the President has taken such bold steps in the War on Terror:

The powers of the presidency have been eroded and usurped to the breaking point. We are engaged in a new kind of war that cannot be fought by old methods. It can only be directed by a strong executive who alone is not subject to the conflicting pressures that legislators or judges face. The public understands and supports that unpleasant reality, whatever the media and intellectuals say.

I hope he said it really slowly for the libtards, because I don't see how it can get any clearer than this. The public understands and supports the President. And speaking personally for myself, I've never been so proud to be the public.

But then check this out. The Washington Post writer says,

These words came from a White House aide defending U.S. policies on Guantanamo Bay prisoners, secret renditions and warrantless eavesdropping in a conversation with me. A few days later, I heard a Russian official use nearly identical terms to defend his country's coercive merging of private energy and media companies under state control.

Do you beleive this???? The Post reporter gets a straight-up explanation for American policy, and he compares it to Russian Communism? Could there be a more twisted example of far left media bias?

It don't see how it can get any clearer than this. We might as well start calling the Post the "Washington Prada."