Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Damned If You Do

When are the Republicans going to realize that it's useless to try to please the Democrats? No matter what they do, the mommy party will throw a fit. Case in point, last year they were all up in arms about Talon News reporter Jeff Gannon having a clearance into the WH press room, which was really just an excuse to rake the guy across the coals for the sin of being gay and conservative, but now that the Bush Administration is actually doing something about it, they're still angry.
The Bush administration last year quietly rewrote the rules for allowing gays and lesbians to receive national-security clearances, drawing complaints from civil rights activists.

The Bush administration said security clearances cannot be denied "solely on the basis of the sexual orientation of the individual." But it removed language saying sexual orientation "may not be used as a basis for or a disqualifying factor in determining a person's eligibility for a security clearance."

The White House sought to play down the changes, approved by President Bush in December, as an effort to ensure the security clearance rules are consistent with a 1995 executive order about access to classified information.
Make up your minds liberals! Do you want gay people to have access to the White House or not??