Wednesday, March 22, 2006

You Can Run, But You Can't Hide

The liberal loudmouth who calls himself "Atrios" has been going crazy lately with jealousy over the Washington Post's hiring of Ben Domenech. Nevermind that Ben is the founder of a great blog and was a good enough writer to be hired by the Bush Administration, the left just hates him because he had the temerity to be conservative and successful. Washington is the only place in America where job qualifications are seen as a liability.

Of course it's easy for "Atrios" to talk trash about Domenech when he doesn't use his own name. Pity the poor liberal blogger who thinks he can spew garbage just because he's hiding behind a pseudonym. Too bad Atrios, or should I say Duncan Black, has never heard of Google. Sorry to have to smoke you out of the shadows my friend, but your readers deserve to know that the left's favorite blogger is a former economist. Not a journalist or a lawyer, but some number cruncher in Philly.

Even worse, after doing a lot of research and making a few phone calls, a little birdie told me that Mr. Black is an employee of - get ready for it - Media Matters for America. Suddenly it all makes sense that "Atrios" is on George Soros' payroll. What's wrong, Duncan? Were Michael Moore and Fidel Castro not hiring?