Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Extended apologies

On behalf of all of the Fisters, I want to extend our sincere apologies for not posting anything for some time now. As many of you are aware the government, under extreme presssure from patriots like ourselves, did a document dump of papers recovered in Iraq after our sucessful invasion. Although none of us have any background in Arabic languages, that hasn't stopped us from working feverishly using dictionaries obtained from our local libraries to help out in the war on terror.

Outside of some unpleasantness involving fellow Fister Red Lantern and the authorities from Homeland Security who were interested in why he had failed to return a copy of The Arabic Language Today and paid him a little visit, all has gone well. Red Lantern is now back with his family as of last weekend, a little shaken, but more determined than ever to fight the Islamists who, because they attacked us on 9/11, are responsible for the several nights he spent in detention, not to mention the $3.40 he owes the library now for late fees.

Nobody ever said that the war on terror wouldn't be costly.

We promise to be back soon. Freedom is on the march!