Thursday, March 23, 2006

RE: You Can Run, But You Can't Hide

While I agree with OinCa there is a bigger fish to fry regarding young Master Domenech. As he admits on his blog, he received preferential treatment when being accepted into William & Mary because....he is part Puerto Rican (although he doesn't indicate what part).
While it isn't mentioned in this report, the problems of racial population at the undergraduate level at W&M are particularly bad. Note W&M's depressingly low admission figures for non-Whites. The total Latino population at W&M is 156 (out of 5,585 total undergrads). That means I've had at least three classes with more students in them then the entirety of the Latino population on campus.

I don't mind that being Puerto Rican probably helped me get in to this school. I had the grades, SAT scores, and (especially) extracurriculars to ensure that I was admitted Early Decision. But I was also designated a William & Mary Scholar. This scholarship isn't publicized by W&M -- I'd never heard about it during the admissions process, and you have to search all over W&M's website for any mention of the program.

Now that the smoke is starting to clear it is fairly obvious that the kid was and is a serial plagarist, and didn't have the "chops" to make it with the "real" students, and it only goes to show you that admitting kids to college based on their ethnicity* will only bring a bad element onto our campuses. Had a white kid received Ben's spot, this may very well never have happened. However the school administration admitted this little quarter-Rican and now look at the scandal he is bringing down around their ears.

*I do want to state that I have no problem with admitting ethnic students to a college as long as they bring skills that some of the other students don't have, such as the ability to rebound. It's not about skin is about ability.

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

You Can Run, But You Can't Hide

The liberal loudmouth who calls himself "Atrios" has been going crazy lately with jealousy over the Washington Post's hiring of Ben Domenech. Nevermind that Ben is the founder of a great blog and was a good enough writer to be hired by the Bush Administration, the left just hates him because he had the temerity to be conservative and successful. Washington is the only place in America where job qualifications are seen as a liability.

Of course it's easy for "Atrios" to talk trash about Domenech when he doesn't use his own name. Pity the poor liberal blogger who thinks he can spew garbage just because he's hiding behind a pseudonym. Too bad Atrios, or should I say Duncan Black, has never heard of Google. Sorry to have to smoke you out of the shadows my friend, but your readers deserve to know that the left's favorite blogger is a former economist. Not a journalist or a lawyer, but some number cruncher in Philly.

Even worse, after doing a lot of research and making a few phone calls, a little birdie told me that Mr. Black is an employee of - get ready for it - Media Matters for America. Suddenly it all makes sense that "Atrios" is on George Soros' payroll. What's wrong, Duncan? Were Michael Moore and Fidel Castro not hiring?

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Liberal media beware

I wish I could only be a few years older so I could be like Ben Domenech. He's only 24 years old and has managed to score his own blog at the Washington Post- no small feat given their obvious liberal slant.

I'm really amazed how these guys manage to succeed in the MSM's liberal domination. Instapundit writes for MSNBC, Michelle Malkin gets printed everywhere, and Andrew Sullivan is writing for Time. That's quite an amazing feat for a field where it's impossible for conservatives to get published anywhere.

Meanwhile, Ben got exactly where he is through tireless work and with no help from anyone else. I bet his dad is very proud of him.

One bad dog shouldn't spoil the whole litter

As a Lifetime NRA member I have always advocated that it is not the gun that kills the innocent person, but the person who pulls the trigger. However reasonable people must agree that when someone is menaced or killed by a dog, the fault lies with the dog. That is why this story makes me so darn mad:

An Army dog handler convicted of using his snarling animal to torment Iraqi prisoners at Abu Ghraib told a military jury Tuesday that he wished he had gotten his instructions in writing.

Sgt. Michael Smith, 25, of Fort Lauderdale, Florida, took the stand late Tuesday at a hearing to determine his sentence.

Earlier Tuesday, a court-martial jury found Smith guilty of charges he used his military dog, Marco, to terrify prisoners -- allegedly for amusement and in competition with other soldiers.

Smith also was found guilty of allowing his dog to participate in videotaped lewd acts involving two other U.S. soldiers at the prison.

"It was foolish, stupid, and juvenile. There's nothing I can do to take it back. If I could, I would," Smith said about the sexual incident. He read from a prepared statement.

Now everyone knows that, no matter how well a dog is trained, as one of God's creatures, it retains free will. Just try and stop one from pissing on your prize jacarandas, let me tell you! That dog did not have to attack that IslamoJihadiist. It could have disobeyed its orders. But by attacking the prisoner, who no doubt had it coming (let's not forget that) it brought down its handler and brought shame upon the whole K-9 corps.

How will we ever get dogs to want to enter military service when curs like this make them all look like baby killers? Well, maybe not baby killers, but baby-chewers-on. I remember right after Viet Nam when dirty hippies would spit on specially trained tunnel dogs (used to root the gooks out of their underground networks) when they returned from their courageous overseas duty. Poor little spittle-flecked beasts. Their hearts were broken. And here is the commie MSM once again using one dog to paint the whole kennel as a bunch leg-humping mutts that ought to be put down.

I don't want to be a cut-n-runner, but the MSM is making it awful hard to let us finish the job now that they destroyed man's best friend.


Monday, March 20, 2006

Colors that sometimes run

For the last few years I've had a bumper sticker on my jeep with a picture of the flag and the slogan "These Colors Don't Run", but after seeing this I had to remove it :

I thought it was the flag of Texas, but it's not. That's the flag of France! I don't know how they got away with copying America and using red, white, and blue, but if they appear on the French flag, those colors do run.

After praying on it, I noticed a way out of this quandry. You see, the french colors aren't "red, white, & blue", they're "blue, white, and red". It's like in chemistry how there are some chemicals that you can mix together and they'll be good for you, but if you mix them a different way they're poison. The colors are the same way. When I see those bold colors waving gently in the wind, I still get a tear in my long as they're in the right order.

God bless the red, white, and blue.

Saturday, March 18, 2006

The sexiest woman alive!

Now this is what I'm looking for in a woman: tall, young, blonde, conservative, and willing to use her body in any way that she believes Jesus is leading her, no matter the personal cost -

I don't really like NY to be honest with you...It is just a little too busy here for me, but I just feel in my spirit that the Lord has some great things planned for me here, so to get these gifts, I have to be where He wants me to be

Yes! I have been saying this for years. The selfish desire for "gifts" is precisely what makes one so selfless! And the ultralib leftwingers wonder how Christianity and capitalism can work together...
By the time this trip is over, I believe that I will have the ending to my book, His promises to me in modeling fullfilled

Yes! Yes! That's exactly why Jesus allowed nails to be pounded through his body and hung on a wooden cross in horrific agony for days on end -- so he could make promises to young models, that if they just stand New York for a while, then they can have fame, money, and fun while describing how much they personally understand Jesus!

I cannot wait for her book!

Chapters are filled with the different modeling experienes that Jesus has allowed me to experience.

Wow, that's a lot of experience! It is so cooooool the way Jesus personally supervises the professional lives of print models from southern Ohio.

Now if I only I wasn't so ashamed of having such unclean thoughts about a heart so pure.

Thursday, March 16, 2006

On The Road

Much as I would like to stick around and gloat over the latest in US military power, I'm heading out to my annual Christian Retreat and Paintball Tournament for the weekend. See you guys later.

Smoke 'em if you got 'em.

Still Right After All These Years

People who have been reading my stuff for a while now know that I'm not just some blind apologist for the current Administration. I'm pretty sure that I've had my quarrels with George Bush in the past, but I've never put those disagreements in print because I won't criticize my leader while we've got men in the field. I'm a patriot first. We'll have plenty of time to argue amongst ourselves once the war on terror is over.

As my pastor is fond of saying "question your questions and doubt your doubts", but the concept of impassioned restraint and putting your faith first is foreign to the "too clever by a half" squad on the left. The neo-stalinists at FAIR (False And Inaccurate Reporting) have cherry-picked some pre-war quotes to boost the egos of their traitorous brethren :
"Maybe disgraced commentators and politicians alike, like Daschle, Jimmy Carter, Dennis Kucinich, and all those others, will step forward tonight and show the content of their character by simply admitting what we know already: that their wartime predictions were arrogant, they were misguided and they were dead wrong. Maybe, just maybe, these self-anointed critics will learn from their mistakes. But I doubt it. After all, we don't call them 'elitists' for nothing."

(MSNBC's Joe Scarborough, 4/10/03)
I'm scratching my head about exactly what this quote is supposed to prove. These guys were saying that Saddam Hussein doesn't have weapons of mass destruction but he did. That's why we had to take him out. Sorry FAIR, but you're going to have to work harder than that to convince me that the world is better off with Saddam Hussein running the middle East.

Beyond that, let's assume for the sake of argument that some of the liberal talking points turned out to be right, that doesn't prove anything. You don't win points with me by accidentally being right if you make all your decisions based on how much you hate the PResident. Even a broken clock is right twice a day, but you know who's right the rest of the day? We are.

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Wars civil and uncivil

What we're seeing in Iraq, however, is nothing more than a bunch of angry Islamists (is there any other kind?) that think blowing up children is an acceptable form of dissent. I dunno what it should be called, but in my book it's a very uncivil war.

I think this is a great point, O in C, and I've been thinking about this ever since P-Zero kicked off our new site by pointing out

how can there be a Civil War in Iraq when you do not have two sides wearing different uniforms (blue and grey, for instance)? Gettysburg is not just a big field, you know. Our brave troops fought and died there to preserve the Union. The Liberals dishonor their memory with their specious comparisons to a Civil War in Iraq, when there is not one at all, in Iraq.

It may be that a lot of liberals are confusing the American Civil War with the Vietnam War, because of the fact that in both cases the North side attacked the South and divided the country in two. That would explain why they keep wanting to call Iraq a "quaqmire." (In reality, of course, almost none of the land in Iraq is soggy. It's physically impossible!) But has it occured to anyone to tell the liberals that you don't only need different uniforms for a civil war, you need different national anthems and a whole different currency too? The South had them. The Confederate states even had a capital! So did South Vietnam! In fact, many South Vietnamese didn't even speak the same language as the North Vietnamese. Nothing like that is happening in Iraq today. And the sooner the MSM realizes these facts, the readier they'll be to begin broadcasting the good news from Iraq.

Damned If You Do

When are the Republicans going to realize that it's useless to try to please the Democrats? No matter what they do, the mommy party will throw a fit. Case in point, last year they were all up in arms about Talon News reporter Jeff Gannon having a clearance into the WH press room, which was really just an excuse to rake the guy across the coals for the sin of being gay and conservative, but now that the Bush Administration is actually doing something about it, they're still angry.
The Bush administration last year quietly rewrote the rules for allowing gays and lesbians to receive national-security clearances, drawing complaints from civil rights activists.

The Bush administration said security clearances cannot be denied "solely on the basis of the sexual orientation of the individual." But it removed language saying sexual orientation "may not be used as a basis for or a disqualifying factor in determining a person's eligibility for a security clearance."

The White House sought to play down the changes, approved by President Bush in December, as an effort to ensure the security clearance rules are consistent with a 1995 executive order about access to classified information.
Make up your minds liberals! Do you want gay people to have access to the White House or not??

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Slate Plays Dumb

Why do they even pay John Dickerson to write junk like this?
The way some of the speakers talked about Washington, you'd never know Republicans were in charge. Rep. Marsha Blackburn, who represents eastern Memphis, complained about the "40 years of Democratic Congress," and described Washington as a "monument that Democrats have built for themselves." Sen. George Allen complained about senators in their "cushy seats" and championed austere legislation that would "bring accountability to Washington." He called for a balanced budget amendment and legislation that would withhold senators' pay if they didn't complete the budget on time. Who are those nameless, faceless senators?
Is he really so stupid that he doesn't know the Senators that Allen is referring to? Has he never heard of Hillary Clinton, Nancy Pelosi, Ted Kennedy, John Murtha, Harry Reed, Howard Dean, Paul Wellstone, John Kerry, John Edwards, Tom Daschle, and Al Gore?

An Act of God

Tiem for the liberal media to start issuing some corrections and apologize to the owners of the SAGO mine :
An explosion that killed 12 workers at the Sago Mine likely was caused by a massive lightning strike that ignited methane gas in a sealed-off area, the mine's owner said Tuesday.

The company's own investigation turned up three pieces of compelling evidence of a lightning strike, all from 6:26 a.m. on Jan. 2, said Ben Hatfield, chief executive officer of International Coal Group Inc.
See?? It doesn't matter whether or not the owners were fined for safety violations because this couldn't have been prevented. Just like Hurricane Katrina or 9/11, this was an act of God (or in the case of 9/11, terrorists). What are you going to do? Stop believing in God or stop trying to kill terrorists? Of course not. What we need to do is just put all of this behind us and move along with our lives. It's what God would want.

Stop Calling It That!

I've been saying for a while now that the tensions in Iraq aren't a civil war and it looks like my man Rummy agrees with me :
U.S. intelligence analysts are examining possible civil war scenarios and responses, Rumsfeld said.

Rumsfeld said today Pentagon analysts are trying to establish criterion for distinguishing between sectarian violence and a civil war and trying to answer questions such as ``what would it look like and what might be its progression?''

"It's a hard thing to do," he said. "Until I've had a chance to think more about it, I will say, I don't think it will look like the United States' Civil War."
Even if the situation in Iraq worsens, there are a lot of differences between that conflict and the civil war. In the war of Northern Aggression, the battlefields were filled with brother fighting brother. In the end, patriots on both sides put aside their differences in order to free the slaves. What we're seeing in Iraq, however, is nothing more than a bunch of angry Islamists (is there any other kind?) that think blowing up children is an acceptable form of dissent. I dunno what it should be called, but in my book it's a very uncivil war.

Monday, March 13, 2006

The Power of the Fist

MSNBC's Head Moonbat, Keith Olberman, had this to say on Sunday:

There are people I know in the hierarchy of NBC, the company, and GE, the company, who do not like to see the current presidential administration criticized at all.

You got that much right, Olberman! Five years ago, the hierarchies of NBC and GE would have towed the liberal company line. But thanks to Powerline and Instapundit, the Army of Davids have spoken!!! And the hierarchies of Goliathland have changed their minds!!!

Advantage, blogosphere.

the Claude Allen "scandal"

Wouldn't it be great if for once the media would take the time to add a little context to their news coverage? Case in point, the way they've made a mountain out of a molehill in regards to this Claude Allen thing. Have they ever heard the term "overhead" in their ivory towers? The fact is, retailers routinely anticipate losses and build those costs into their pricing model. In short, everything costs a little more to make up for stuff they expect to be stolen. The question we should be asking is "If it's already been paid for by you and me, how can you use the word 'stolen'?".

I don't know all of the facts here, but I think we can all agree that to call what he's accused of doing "theft" is a mighty big stretch. At Christmas, I recieved an extra copy of "The Closing of the American Mind" and took the this (brand new, unopened, unread) copy to Barnes & Noble for store credit. Everything went fine, but as it turns out, my brother actually picked the book up for me at, not B&N. Uh-oh! Isn't that the same "crime" that Claude Allen is accused of?

That sad part is nobody will try to haul me off to jail because unlike Allen I'm not black. Once again we see the true racist colors of the reactionary left. Preaching tolerance with one breath and doing everything they can to trash a guy whose only crime was trying to get a refund the next. Every time you think they've reached rock bottom, they find a way to sink even lower.

Sunday, March 12, 2006

RE: New low for leftist media

Although I agree with your attack on the MSM, I have to say that I am relieved to see RINO McCain struggle. At the same time that I honor his service to America I can't help but feel that he is a Manchurian Candidate who would give control of our ports to the Chinese. Also his neck creeps me out. What did please me was the clear victory by Bill Frist. Any man who would buy innocent kittens and take them home solely to kill them should give our enemies pause. I could see President Frist taking one of our more notorious al Quaeda prisoners into an operating room and, by using his surgical skills, emasculating the prisoner and giving him a vagina. Then he could have a press conference and show the IslamoJihadi world that their so-called "leaders" are actually transexuals. What a blow for freedom that would be.

Later, after we won the war on terror and the tranny-Jihadhi isn't needed anymore, we would have to kill him/her, because trannies are gross.

Tally ho!

I'd like to thank you Yanks for the invitation to join in with your badly-needed efforts. My mates from the Coldstream Guards might give me a bit of aggro for working with you chaps -- some are still cheesed off about 1776 and all that. But I tell them: we've got bigger fish to fry with the fuzzy wuzzies in Arabia. If the colonials and us don't stick together, the nignogs will knock us all arse over tit.

So as my first sally, I request you take a squint at a quiz my nephew sent me from one of your socialist weeklies, The American Prospect:
Question: This world leader, overthrown by the CIA in 1953, supported agrarian reform to “put an end to the latifundios and the semi-feudal practices” of his nation.

Answer: Jacobo Arbenz
Now, this smelled a bit off to me from the word go. So I had a shufti and learned quite a bit about Mr Arbenz. I examined every day of the history of his sodding little country in 1953. January 1? Arbenz was president. December 31? Still Arbenz. And every blasted day in between.

You heard it: these gormless pillocks are on the fiddle. Not a bit of truth to it. Reminds me of the Paddys when I was stationed in Ulster. Don't keep your eye on them, they'll take you for your last farthing.

UPDATE: I've gotten a few missives about this post. Most important, every bleeding thing I wrote was right. Your CIA certainly did not overthrow Mr Arbenz in 1953.

But it seems Arbenz was overthrown quite proper by the CIA in 1954. Still, I think my larger point stands: these gits are right prats who all deserve a good skelping.

New low for leftist media

Just when you thought it couldn't get any worse! So John McCain asks people to support President Bush in 2008, and the MSM try to spin this as "mischief making" and "a sign of weakness"? Since when is simple loyalty to the President a sign of weakness or mischeif? And what will it take to get moonbats like Chris Matthews to report the news objectively for a change?

Saturday, March 11, 2006

Claude Allen

I hold the Democrat Party completely responsible for what has happened to former Domestic Policy Advisor Claude Allen. If it wasn't for the Democrats filibustering Allen, he would be a Federal judge right now instead of being arrested for shoplifting. Leftists should be ashamed of themselves.

Controversial Opinion

I know this isn't going to make me any friends around here, but this makes me almost respect Hillary Clinton. I always pegged Hillary as a far-leftie, but serving on the Wal-Mart board makes her seem shockingly...sensible. Of course, being a Clinton, she's done her damndest to distance herself from the one good thing about her past. Typical. Doesn't matter much anyways. The good will Billary earns with me for being part of the world's most prosperous company is more than canceled out by the former rapist-in-chief being in bed with the Arabs. Then again, who isn't Bill in bed with?

RE: Friday Animal

If we're choosing the animal based on how delicious it is, I'm in favor of cows. I wouldn't mind having an eagle or a bear either. Or maybe a shark?

Friday, March 10, 2006

The Democrats Might As Well Have Driven The Getaway Car

I'm sure the liebrals are going to be all over the arrest of Claude Allen. But, as usual, they have their timeline all wrong.

A former domestic policy adviser to President Bush has been charged with theft for allegedly receiving phony refunds at department stores.

Claude Alexander Allen, 45, was arrested Thursday by Montgomery County police for allegedly returning more than $5,000 worth of merchandise he did not buy, according to county and federal authorities.


In early 2005, Bush hired Allen as a domestic policy adviser. He resigned abruptly on Feb. 9, saying he wanted to spend more time with his family.

As you can see, he resigned back on February 9th but he was arrested this past Thursday which was March 9th, so he really doesn't have anything to do with the White House since a whole month has passed.

What is a shame is the fact that, had he not been held up by the Democrat Party, he would have had a lifetime appointment to the Federal bench with a guaranteed salary and benefits and then he wouldn't have had to steal fine electronics and other consumer products from Target to make a living. Instead of serving his country on the bench and putting real criminals away, he now finds himself in trouble with the law because Democrats hate black conservatives. This is another reason why Negroe people are leaving the Democrat Party in droves.

Thank goodness Condoleezza Rice was confirmed to be Secretary of State. I would hate to think of what she might steal just to get by.

We need a Friday animal

What should we have for our Friday animal? Alot of blogs have them. We should choose an animal to post that represents what we stand for.

But it can't be some crunchy granola libtard animal. No birds, no fish, no flowers, no penguins. Love of Allmighty God, no goddam penguins. Nothing cute. Cute sucks. It just pisses me off, frankly, how many people think just because something is all cuddly and sweet we should let that stand in the way of our ratianal judgement. So some thing solid, and strong, and economically beneficial, something you's see in the heartland of the This Great Nation.

Cows? I like cows.

It Doesn't Get Any Clearer

This is how a White House official recently explained why the President has taken such bold steps in the War on Terror:

The powers of the presidency have been eroded and usurped to the breaking point. We are engaged in a new kind of war that cannot be fought by old methods. It can only be directed by a strong executive who alone is not subject to the conflicting pressures that legislators or judges face. The public understands and supports that unpleasant reality, whatever the media and intellectuals say.

I hope he said it really slowly for the libtards, because I don't see how it can get any clearer than this. The public understands and supports the President. And speaking personally for myself, I've never been so proud to be the public.

But then check this out. The Washington Post writer says,

These words came from a White House aide defending U.S. policies on Guantanamo Bay prisoners, secret renditions and warrantless eavesdropping in a conversation with me. A few days later, I heard a Russian official use nearly identical terms to defend his country's coercive merging of private energy and media companies under state control.

Do you beleive this???? The Post reporter gets a straight-up explanation for American policy, and he compares it to Russian Communism? Could there be a more twisted example of far left media bias?

It don't see how it can get any clearer than this. We might as well start calling the Post the "Washington Prada."


I just read about a high school Teacher who is holding a mock trial in his class of our President Bush. That's right, you heard me. This Dimmocrat teacher and his little heads full of mush students are putting our Commander on Chief on trial for WAR CRIMES. In other words, they are undermining our President during a time of war, which is punishable as treason, or at least it should be? I am so mad I can't see straight. I think that teacher and his little students, at least the ones on the so-called "prosecution" side, should be put on trial themselves--by AL QAEDA. And we'll see how much they enjoy their freedom of speech when their getting their heads cut off!!!


Who is Morgan Splurock? (Is she that actress from the Eighties?)

Thursday, March 09, 2006

RE: Another Positive Indicator

I think this is great news. When you consider that the number of billionaires is increasing, the logical conclusion is that the average income for all of us goes up proportionately meaning we all have more income to spend on things like big screen TVs even if we have to use our credit cards to buy them.

Remember what John Kennedy, the last good democrat, said: A rising tide lifts all yachts.

To celebrate tomorrow, I'm going to supersize my lunch. Take that Morgan Spurlock!

Another Positive Indicator

Shhh....don't tell Paul Krugman. If he finds out the economy is doing this well, his head might explode :
As emerging stock markets surged during the past year, 102 wealthy people around the world won a much-coveted title along with their stellar gains — they all became billionaires.

The number of billionaires around the world rose by 102 to a record 793 over the past year, and their combined wealth grew 18 percent to $2.6 trillion, according to Forbes magazine's 2006 rankings of the world's richest people.
People are getting richer and the stock market is soaring, but I'm sure the shrill one will find a way to twist this in a negative way. Krugman may be an "economist" who makes his living trashing capitalism, but in my eyes he's a lunatic even by the Times' dismal standards.

The Will To Win

I was just reading this on MSNBCommie-

The Department of Defense admitted in a letter obtained by NBC News on Thursday that it had wrongly added peaceful demonstrators to a database of possible domestic terrorist threats. The letter followed an NBC report focusing on the Defense Department’s Threat and Local Observation Notice, or TALON, report.

Acting Deputy Undersecretary of Defense Roger W. Rogalski’s letter came in reply to a memo from Sen. Patrick Leahy, D-Vt., who had demanded answers about the process of identifying domestic protesters as suspicious and removing their names when they are wrongly listed.

How does the Department of Defense expect us to win the War on Terror when they go all wobbly on a bunch of peacniks? So what if they're being spied on? They hate America! Knowing that we have our eyes on them will help keep them from aiding the enemy like they were doing during the Klintoon era when America slept while Klintoon got his knob slobbered on instead of preventing 9/11.

If our own citizens don't have the fear of annihilation beaten into their heads already by the Islamicists who want to rule our country, maybe our government should beat it into them. Our enemies need to see that we will do anything in order to win. Remember in The Usual Suspects when Kaiser Soze killed his own family to show the bad guys that he meant business?

There is a lesson to be learned there. Ruthlessness and fraticide in the pursuit of freedom is no vice.

Re: re: treasonwatch

Face it: Abu Ghraib has become a focal point for a MSM that wants us to lose the war. How can we possibly torture the IslamoJihadists for information when everyone knows where we are doing it and you've got commie-symp organizations like the Red Cross and Amnesty International (who depend on human rights violations, true or not, to raise money for their fat cat operations) looking over their shoulder?

You've got a point about the so-called "human rights" organizations, D the L. I'm sure the libtards get a fundraising letter from Amnesty for Islamofacists every time some Al-Qaida creep's Gitmo Lemon Chicken is underdone. But I don't see how we can give in on Abu Ghraib. That's letting the MSM declare victory and walk away, just as they're wanted to do from the outset. The way I look at it, Abu Ghraib is Flypaper Central. That's where we're fighting the terrorists there so that we don't have to fight them here. Sure, moving them to Georgia would save some money. But then we'd have to fight the terrorists there instead of fighting them here, except that there would be here, so we'd have to fight them here. If you see what I mean.

It might cost more to keep Abu Graib open, sure, but sometimes freedom isn't free.

Time Zones

I don't care if we get rid of Time Zones, but we can't get rid of daylight savings time. Where I live, the farmers are just barely getting by as it is. They can't afford to lose another hour of daylight because of some big government regulation.

Time zone reform, now!

OinC, I'm glad to see we're almost on the same page, but going to one nationalized time zone only increases the power of the centralized goverment.

It's intelectually wrong, and also will make it just that much easier for Kofi and the UN to roll in someday and make us all live like the French.

I have to say, I think the true libertarian positon on this (not to mention conservatives, since I haven't been a conservative in months) is to decntralize and deregulate time zones, letting the free market decide. If consumers demand noon for six hours a day, then by God, that's what the stores will all say it is, and everyone will be the richer for it.

What do we want? Time zone reform! When do we want it? Now! And for a while!

Time Zones

You guys are right. Time zones really are outdated relic. With the world being flat (Friedman rocks!), I'd think the economic incentives behind having the entire nation on the same timezone would far outweigh the crybabies in San Francisco who will whine about the sun setting later in the day. If you look at this time zone map, you'll see that the dividing lines aren't straight anyways. China, India, and Europe are all in their own timezones and they're kicking our butts. Maybe if people could conduct business on the west coast without having to wait for people east of the Mississippi river to wake up, we might chip away at their competitive advantage of our economic rivals.

Speaking of time, why do we still have Daylight Savings Time? We've been saving daylight since I was a kid, but what good does it do if we're never going to do anything with the daylight we've been saving?

RE: Treasonwatch

While I agree with OinCA regarding the closing of AbuGhraib adding to the violence, I don't think that it is such a bad thing. Face it: Abu Ghraib has become a focal point for a MSM that wants us to lose the war. How can we possibly torture the IslamoJihadists for information when everyone knows where we are doing it and you've got commie-symp organizations like the Red Cross and Amnesty International (who depend on human rights violations, true or not, to raise money for their fat cat operations) looking over their shoulder? It's time to move the evildoers someplace where our soldiers can do their duty without a bunch of busybodies whining about abuse and the occasional accidental death.

I propose moving the terrorists to the School of the Americas in Georgia and letting some of the South Americans get in some practice before we invade Venezuela and straighten out our little hemispheric commie problem there.

That would save money and keep American hands clean. A win-win, all around, don't you think?

Remember: waterboarding and being fiscally conservative go hand in hand.

I refuse to let the extreme left tell me what time it is

I've been thinking more about the whole time zone thing. And now that I realize it was always a Dimmocrat plan, I'm starting to really resent being told by some bureaucrat exactly how many minutes he (or probably she, and she's probalby an illegal immigrant if Hilary has anything to say about it) THINKS the time difference is between my house -- MY house -- and anyplace I damn well choose.

Guys, seriously, who'se with me on this? Everybody talks about how time zones, but nobody ever actually does anything about it. I say, it's time we stand up.

Remember -- every time you say "12:59 pm" something, you're just taking liberal shit.

Who's with me? I have half a mind to call a meeting somewhere!

You're Welcome


For two years liberal bloggers and the MSM have hammered on the President for the actions of a few rogue soldiers in Iraq. It makes sense that they'd rather defend terrorists than the unborn, but it's taken a deadly new turn. Under the unrelenting pressure of the media and the Democrat elites, the military has decided to close Abu Graib prison. If the far left wants terrorists running in the streets, their dream has come true. Needless to say, the release of hundreds of al Qaeda doesn't bode well for the country's future. With a development like this, I wouldn't be surprised if we start seeing stories about rampant violence in region.

RE: Patriot Act signed into law today!

Saved by the bell, huh? Cue the coastal assclowns who will complain again about the feds knowing what they're checking out at the library. What are they reading that has them so scared? Methinks thou doth protest too much.

You're right about that RL

What's that expression the rap singers use? "Player hater"? That's what the Dims are. And George W. Bush POTUS is the "Player."

It's all about the hate

P-Zero, I think it’s a mistake to believe the liberals are serious about abortion “rights.” If they were, they wouldn’t be cozying up to our Islamofacist enemies in the first place. They can go on about women’s so-called “rights” all day -- but only so long as it serves as a cover for their irrational hatred of the president. That’s what this is really about. Like if only we'd allowed them to count and recount and recount the votes until they got the result they wanted, then we’d be living in Liberal Paradise. Though of course we’d all be speaking Islamic by now.

Patriot Act signed into law today!

And not a moment too soon--it was going to expire TOMORROW! And who knows what the terorists might have done then!

I just don't understand why the Liberals do not support the War on Terror. Don't they understand what life would be like if the Islamofacists take over? They could pretty much forget their precious civil liberties then! And you can bet abortion wouldn't be legal anymore, LOL. It's just plain wierd. Do they WANT to get their heads chopped off?

UPDATE: there's that crazy time stamp again! At 6:40 a.m. I was fast sleep in bed, LOL!

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Unleash the dynamism!

Hey Objectivist, there's no mystery why the Democrat party would hate Halliburton. Have you seen their earnings lately? It's like watching an awesome wealth-creating MACHINE. You want your Bush Boom, that's it. Not something Atrios or the Kossacks would know very much about! And not something your going to hear in the MSM, either. You know the rule: no good news about Iraq, ever.

A Prediction

It looks like the far left may finally find a reason to be concerned about selling videogames to minors. Not because of the rampant violence and sex in garbage like Grand Theft Auto. No sir, it's because we'll be seeing a game based on the Left Behind series. Apparently murder and prostitution is okay, but spreading the word of Christ isn't.

And they wonder why they keep losing elections...

Righter than most

A lot of my friends were confused when I told them I was blogging under the name Professor Right, since I'm actually a college student (hah hah, you'll never know where though!) Well it's because I realized only after a few classes that I'm clearly smarter than most of my professors. I have no idea how much my parents are paying for my education but I bet it's not worth it if I'm going to be stuck with a bunch of teachers who refuse to support America.

To me, that's the most important thing we should be teaching children, no matter how young they are. Terrorists want to kill us, and we need to stop them. That's why I'm "Prof. Right"... never "Pro-fright" because I'm the college guy who doesn't support terror.

PZ raises an interesting point

Call me a barbarain if you must, but I feel compeled to mention that our Founding Fathers, those old dead white guys who founded This Great Land, didn't use time zones. Those weren't brought in until WWI, the brianchild of Woodrow Wilson, a Dimmocrat. And they didn't become federal law until LBJ, another Dimmocrat. So time zones are another Big Government Dimmocrat idea, something I'm sure liberal idiors will never admit!

PS -- shame about the media ganging up on poor Katharine Harris. Who says only man-senators should have big chests!?


Why are the times on this blog three hours slow? This one is going to say 4:30, but it's really about 7:30! Is blogger some kind of liberal company that doesn't even know how to set a watch, LOL?

Unleash The Energy!

I recommend, the company website. As a corporation, they are legally required to make everything you need to know public, something liberal idiors never seem to understand!!

You can even login and create your own account under MyHalliburton, right under the picture of three strong men in red hats. I mean, MyHalliburton, what else do you need to know they are acting on our behalf?!?

Hey Objectivist

Don't forget how the Dimmocrats tried to make such a big deal out of a simple hunting accident, when Dick Cheney was more concerned with getting his friend to the hospital than with holding a press conference for the spoiled babies in the MSM.

(also, this is a "blog", not a "bleg." It is short for "weblog.")

A Bleg

I'm working on an article about the Democrat party's petty vendetta against Dick Cheney. In my research, I noticed people like Eschaton keep mentioning Haliburton. Does anyone know where I can find out more about this?

John Hinderacker is EXACTLY RIGHT!!

This is what he (Hindraeckar) said:

Murtha says there is a civil war going on in Iraq. Only, there isn't. Murtha should know what a civil war is; we had one here once. You could tell it was a civil war, because half of the officers in the U.S. armed forces resigned and went south to fight for their "country;" afterward, opposing armies fought in the field. If that happens in Iraq, there will be a civil war. But it certainly hasn't happened yet. Violence, yes; the Middle East is a violent place. But it is simply false to say that there is a civil war going on, as Murtha must know, if he is not completely unhinged.

Boy, it doesn't get any clearer than that, does it? Too bad the liberals are too stupid to understand simple English. Or else they are too unhinged. Anyway how can there be a Civil War in Iraq when you do not have two sides wearing different uniforms (blue and grey, for instance)? Gettysburg is not just a big field, you know. Our brave troops fought and died there to preserve the Union. The Liberals dishonor their memory with their specious comparisons to a Civil War in Iraq, when there is not one at all, in Iraq.

John Hinderacker is EXACTLY RIGHT!!